Art Blocks

About Art Blocks

Art Blocks is an Ethereum-based NFT project that generates original digital artwork pieces on the blockchain via an algorithm.

It was launched last year November 2020, and its impact in the NFT market has quickly accelerated.

Art Blocks has spawned $403 million worth of trading volume so far in August, per CryptoSlam. You can pick a style that you like, pay for the work, and a randomly generated version of the content is created by an algorithm and sent to your Ethereum account.

The resulting piece might be a static image, 3D models, or an interactive experience. Each output is different and there are endless possibilities for the types of content that can be created on the platform.

Artists automate the creation process using code. They create rules and parameters for the computer to execute within and cannot themselves know what the final set of minted outputs will look like until the project is complete.

To create the piece, collectors mint a project token on Art Blocks, and a pseudorandom deterministic hash from that transaction is used as an input for the generative script.

In this way, minters get to participate in the actual creation of their art pieces and “unlock the magic” as an Art Blocks token is the product of a) code that a generative artist has written and b) a token hash that the person minting helps create at the time of purchase.