Axie how to create account?

How to create account on Axie Infinity?


  1. Download extension and Open an account in Metamask. Save the Secret Phrase for easy connecting Ronin Wallet.

2. Download extension and Open an account in Ronin Wallet (Use Google Chrome and Watch out for fake Ronin Wallet link.)

3. Proceed and pin both Ronin and Metamask extensions to your Google Chrome browser.

4. Link the Ronin and Metamask by Importing Wallet then Copy/Paste the Secret Phrase.

5. Open a new tab and create a new Gmail account. (Create your Google Account)

6. Visit the Axie Marketplace login using your Ronin Wallet Account (makesure you are logged in Ronin via Chrome Extension)

7. You will be prompted to input your username for the marketplace and axie app (can be changed anytime).

8. Proceed and link your gmail to the axie account (verification code will be sent to you gmail).

Check the Gmail account you input in the Setup and Copy the 6 digit code to Verify your Account.

9. You can now proceed to purchase new Axies via the Marketplace using Ronin WETH.