CryptoFights (BSV) is a fantasy role-playing game for one person. Players explore planets and engage in one-on-one battles with other players.

About CryptoFights

That moment appears to have arrived, and the killer app is a popular game from FYX Gaming called CryptoFights. With over half a million daily on-chain transactions and growing, it is now undergoing exponential development. CryptoFights will not operate on any other blockchain than BSV since it is the only proof-of-work blockchain that scales. Let’s delve further into the specifics to learn more about CryptoFights’ spectacular rise. CryptoFights is a fantasy role-playing game for one person. Players explore planets and engage in one-on-one battles with other players. Each round finishes when one of the players’ characters loses all of his or her hit points. CryptoFights is now available for Android, Windows, and the Bluestacks Android emulator.

This BSV-based game is clearly a popular with players. At the end of June, there were 42,265 daily CryptoFights transactions. On a daily transaction graph that is heading vertical, they’ve crossed 545,000 at the time of writing. CryptoFights gives players the chance to earn real money. In the last 24 hours, the number one player on the game leaderboard has won $146.70. They fought in 1186 fights, winning 815 of them. By far the most popular application on BSV at the moment. Peergame, a popular BSV casino, came in second with 18,800 daily transactions on July 19, compared to CryptoFights’ 545,785 transactions—another sign of the online casino platform’s tremendous development, as this is more than double their regular number of transactions. On July 19th, CryptoFights generated $2,434.05 in miner fees.

It brought in $204.92 the week before. This illustrates both the virus’s viral proliferation and the long-term viability of BSV. It won’t rely on dwindling block rewards and a few exorbitant fees. Instead, it will use program utility to create miner fees. Despite this quick expansion, the average transaction cost was only $0.00332. On July 16, CryptoFights stated on Twitter that it has earned over 200,000 NFTs in the previous 60 days. This was before the game’s viral success, so it’s safe to assume the number is now much greater. The most interesting aspect of CryptoFights is that it is still in its early stages.

According to on-chain data, the game went popular in mid-July and experienced a 5x transaction surge between July 16 and July 19. With the amount of attention this game is receiving, it is unlikely to reach a halt very soon. This rapid expansion would have brought lesser blockchains to a halt, but Bitcoin has “no actual scaling ceiling,” as Satoshi Nakamoto stated openly in his early correspondence. On BSV, the ability to scale indefinitely has been restored. With CryptoFights, we are witnessing the unbridled power of Bitcoin. This is just the beginning of a much longer journey in which Bitcoin will grow to global proportions with billions of daily transactions. Try CryptoFights now and be a first-hand in witnessing the new and exciting experience of CryptoFights.