Decentraland How to play?


1. If you already have an Account and Finish customizing your character, you’l be teleported to the game. 

2. The Second option “Guest” you’l be straight forward creating your character. And after that you’l be teleporting to the menu. And that’s how you create an account. 

Although thats all you need to visit decentraland, in order to experience the world to its fullest or buy your LAND and other collectibles on the marketplace, you also need an ethereum wallet, like metamask or mist, loaded with some MANA and ETH you can spend MANA in the world too, to access additional
content while rewarding its creators and you’ll need ETH to pay for the transaction fees.

The gameplay feel like, the world is vast, transversable and its certainly colorful. walk with your keyboard and mouse and arrow keys, enter buildings and interact with objects or open your map to quick jump to anylocation that piques your interest. You can visit clubs, museum, casino, parks, see digital arts, ride with ferrieswheel or listen to music, or the sound of birds.

The truth is feels kinda lonely the main reason is decentraland is its infancy and only about 500 people log each day. Furthermore, these people might be logged in different servers called realms which are also run by the community on a P2P ( it stands peer to peer) you may not be able to see them because they are connected to a different server than you. The best way to socialize with other users is probably attending one of the many virtual events

The world decentraland is divided into small fragments, called parcels. Each parcel is 16m by 16m those who are not the the metric system, 52ft by 52ft, and its the smallest piece of land you can ever own, however if you own several parcels next to each other you can combine them to create an estate.

The land is divided each parcels each parcel is represented by x and y coordinates on the map and by a LAND tokens on the ethereum blockchain LAND is an ERC721 token, which means its non fungible (NFT)

It holds the information of the land location in decentraland, the x and y coordinates along with decentralized servers run by the community, holding the content needed to render it in 3D graphics for everyone to enjoy.

The world is controlled by single entity who can change the rules as they desire or censor you or ban you, which case you lose everything youve built. But in decentraland, the world belongs to the community.

The decentraland is governed by a DAO a decentralized autonomous organization. And because its decentralized, it means that everyone in the community can participate and vote for the proposals they want to adopt or reject. They also control the important smart contracts, the estate contracts the wearables and the markets. And they have fancy wearables you can buy, only in decentraland markets.