JT How to play?


1. The combat is turn-based. You have P1000 for the round resources. This is used to deploy character amulets (cards) and activate skills.

2. Select 3 Amulets (Amulets are your characters used for in-game combat). Press OK and confirm to Summon Amulets.

3. The chosen Amulet (heroes) will have strengths and weaknesses against counterpart teams.

4. You can now choose to perform a single normal attack (no resource cost) or activate a skill (with resource cost). Repeat with the rest of the team.

5. Your characters will automatically perform your selected actions. Once all actions are complete, the Turn ends. Repeat Step 4.

6. You win the game and receive rewards.

7. Winning each game earns you PALEcoins which can be exchanged for DEP

You can check the realtime value of DEAPcoin in the JobTribes Menu