Nine Chronicles

CropBytes is a web-based Crypto Game dependent on this present reality cultivating economy, where you play and own resources inside the game and use them to give products and administrations to different players or exchange.

About Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is an open source idle MMORPG, developed and published by: Planetarium Inc and Planetarium, partnered by Ubisoft. Available on Microsoft Windows operating system and MacIntosh. The developers announced it’s released by 27th of October, 2020.

Nine Chronicles is MMORPG, where you can play via invite, all you have to do is; Enter your email on the official Nine Chronicles Website>>Put your invitation code the game will automatically download>>And upon account creation you can activate it by putting the invitation code. Like Axie Infinity, you can earn in the game by playing it real time with other players. You can acquire items called “Potion” and “Hourglass” These mentioned items on the are unique.

They can be created by staking the NCG in-game. You can use this item to restore your character full health and the other one is for speeding up crafting in-game items. Play-2-Earn games are creating a new generation games, this will help on the other people who have trouble seeking job that they are fit in. Play-2-Earn games money can be transferred to the real world as a valuable resources.