PVU Create Account


1. Sign up and create an account with Metamask. You need to download Metamask from Google Chrome Webstore and activate the plugin on Google Chrome.

2. Once you have a Metamask wallet, you need to have at least 5 PVU. As of writing, the price of PVU is 579 PHP so you need around 2900 to join. You also need a few extra BNB to convert your BNB or USDT to PVU.

You may need to click the contract address( in red rectangle) so that the token will be added to your Metamask wallet automatically.

3. If you have a PVU, go to Plants vs Undead website, click Farm, log in with the Metamask. Most of the time you will get a message that the farm is under maintenance.

Don’t get discouraged yet, your wallet will be assigned to a certain batch. Currently, there are 4 batches that take turn to farm. Each turn is one hour, then the next turn is after 3 hours after that turn. What you should do is to go to Discord channel of PVU and check the schedule for each batch. Here is a sample batch schedule. Discord > Philippines (members are posting the schedule).

There is no way to tell which batch you belong to. The best thing to do is try to access the market every time the new batch takes its turn. If you can log in, then that will be your batch number.

4. If you can already access the farm, this is the only time you can convert your PVU to LE. The conversion is 1 PVU = 70 LE. So from your 5 PVU, you will get 350 LE. Do the conversion, pay the gas fee and you’re done.

5. Buy Water from the market worth 50 LE and a Scarecrow worth 20 LE. You can use the water 15 times a day and the crow 5 times per day maximum.

6. Head to the map and start hunting for low-watered plants and crows.

PS: You need the patience to look for crows and plants to water. Bring a lot of it.