PVU How to play it?


Plants versus Undead is a new tower defense blockchain game that will be released soon on the Binance Smart Chain. They will focus on mobile players with the main goal of easing the transition of traditional players into the world of blockchain play-to-earn gaming. At last, I can now encourage my dad to play blockchain games, since Plants versus Zombies was his favorite game back then. And I know that many people will be happy with this game.

In this game, you can invest to buy seeds or plant NFTs for the game using PVU tokens. If you’re a high roller, these are the examples of the biggest bundles they have that you can find in their marketplace.

But for the players who don’t have funds to invest in a game, don’t worry because there will ba a free-to-play option where you can get tokens and NFTs just by playing the game. If you played Plants versus Zombies or other tower defense games on Warcraft maps, then I’m sure you already have an idea on the gameplay. In every match, you will have a mother tree that you need to protect from the approaching enemies. You will fight them using the plants that will dish out different attacks to stop the enemies. While you eliminate the undead, you will generate energy orbs that you can use to add plants, move your plants to other plots, or to level them up to enhance their damage.

Like other tower defense games, you will need to strategize and find the right combinations of plants to be more effective and to keep the mother tree alive for a longer time. While playing and going through the waves of enemies players can also get PVU tokens that can be used to buy NFT seeds and plants in the marketplace. All of the plants that you will get in the game are NFT and based on the whitepaper of the game, there will be a limited amount of usage for the plants per game mode, this is made to maintain the high demand for plants and for the continuous growth of the game economy, so you cant use the same plants to farm for PVU tokens every day all-day and you will need another team of plants to continue and to maximize your farming for tokens. All of the plants are tradeable and you can sell in the marketplace plus, there will be a borrowing and lending feature which is also another possible income stream, another feature is the farm mode and based on the roadmap. The official launch of the game is going to be on Q4 this year, ber-months again. I know that many blockchain games that are set to be released in ber months and with this game added into the mix, we can expect a fiery winter.