Trade Race How to Play


1. Choose your preferred race by clicking fuel now (prizes vary on race time, the longer the race is the higher the expected rewards)

Free Races
Rookie in a Fast Race The free race is an onboarding game and a tutorial that starts every 2 minutes. Per one-round race, there are a maximum of 200 players. According to this table, the first 9 players split the pricing pool of 0.28 IOI, and each player can enter with a maximum of 5 cars.

Tournament Rookie 
The free races also include a free tournament. There are ten qualification rounds in which you will earn points based on the table below. The first three participants will each receive one IOI token, and you can enter with up to five cars.

The top 10 racers progress to the next level, where they will face another 9 rounds of races. After each race, one racer will be eliminated, revealing only three actual victors who will be awarded tickets to a paid tournament with a possible prize pool. A tournament must have a minimum of 10 participants to begin.

Tournament Rookie This race starts every Wednesday at 15.00 CET and the winning price is 500 IOI. You can increase your winning chance adding more cars to the race with the condition of holding IOI Token according the rules:

  • Hold 100 IOI tokens – 1 car 
  • Hold 1000 IOI tokens– 2 cars
  • Hold 5000 IOI tokens – 3 cars
  • Hold 10 000 IOI tokens – 4 cars

2. You will be given a free car (non-nft car) to start with or pick from a variety of cars (nft cars) starting from Common, Super, Epic, Legendary. Click continue to proceed.


3. Choose three cryptocurrencies from the list with the best-expected performance or choose lucky fuel.

4. Predict if your chosen fuel will increase/decrease its value. You can also see the Chart and Indicator of each fuel, then proceed on starting the race.

5. Wait for the result.